Time for another edition of Photography in Fort Wayne - Taking out the Viltrox 85mm f/1.8

What an odd focal length to take to the city to shoot around, the Viltrox 85mm Fuji X Mount lens is a full frame lens that works out to 128mm equivalent on the crop body Fuji X-T30, it’s a behemoth of a lens on the small X-T30 so not something you would typically casually carry around. 

If you’ve read any of my other posts, you know I do and don’t…usually don’t, go out with a plan when I go to take photograph’s in Fort Wayne. I…didn’t have a plan at all, other than I knew that it would be good for detail shots so that’s what I warmed myself up with.

So, when I first parked and got out of my car it took some warm up to get used to how far away I had to be to keep my subject and composition where I wanted it. 

After warming up, I walked through the Barr Street Market, hand-made crafts and jewelry, organic fruits and vegetables, home-made goods really great place to support local small businesses.

As the morning went on, I quickly realized that I wasn’t going to be using the lens like I though I would be. I’ve been photographing people more and more, and what better to shoot people with than a longer lens?

As I progress more into photographing people I am finding different way to capture people doing people things. I always liked shooting into windows, you get a little chaos, getting to see a little of what is going on inside the window you are shooting into and you get it mixed with whatever is reflecting off the window from the outside world. Adding people to that mix gives you the chaos that people sometimes feel as they wander through life.

Once I got around to working out that focal length to just walk around with, I really started enjoying using it, despite it’s size. 

Now, a few thoughts about the lens, not really a review but I do like to throw in a couple thoughts about a lens as I use it more. Optics are excellent for this budget lens. Build quality is very good, it’s all metal and being a full frame lens it is pretty hefty at  636g (1.4lb). There’s no aperture ring which is kind of a bummer, but it’s a cheap lens so sacrifices have to be made. The manual focus ring is nice and smooth, it does move freely enough that you can bump it out of focus fairly easily if you’re not comfortable. I bring the manual focus ring up because, despite the lens having AF, my copy must be a bum because it misses focus about 40% of the time or better when using AF. It seems to be ok when using eye detection AF, but just single focus AF it misses focus way more than it should, so I find myself manually focusing this lens most of the time. I know it’s not a huge issue with Viltrox, but I have read about this lens missing focus in a few other blogs and I’ve read about the new Viltrox offering for Fujfilm can have the same issues.

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