Photography in the Fort - This Week in Photo’s from downtown Fort Wayne

Holy crap it’s hot out! Too hot for me to shoot too much in the evening, and I prefer mornings anyways. Problem with that and shooting more and more street photography is that downtown is a ghost town, so I compensate by staying out a little longer and being a little more patience. 

Set out Friday morning for a change of pace, and glad I did as I got a great sunrise. A great sunrise for me is always ones with a little bit of clouds in the sky, adds depth and introduces more colors. Parked at Promenade Park about 30 minutes before sunrise which is good enough to start getting out of the blue hour and start getting some colors in the sky, but more importantly it allows enough light to start getting handheld shots. That’s important to me because I despise tripods, I hate them. At any rate, sunrise Friday morning with the Fujinon XF16mmF1.4 R WR 

I’m a creature of habit, so I’ve started getting a routine when I go out in the morning to attempt and shoot everything I like to shoot in the couple hours I might be out. Sunrise is always fun, just after sunrise for a good hour the streets are EMPTY, so I wander around hunting lights and shadows and checking out some of the new local places that are being built. Went and checked out Landing Beer Company, a new spot for dining and beer in probably my favorite spot downtown right now, The Landing on Columbia Street West. 

Most of the reason I went out Friday morning instead of Saturday and Sunday like usual is it’s going to be a little busier downtown in the morning to get a little street photography in. Put up the 16mm and switched lenses to the Fujinon XF50mmF2 R WR, less people out means a little more reach helps and I don’t care about your street photography rules about what lens I have to use.

I’ll start out with a street portrait of Ned, if you’re from Fort Wayne you’ve probably seen Ned around. He saw me shooting and ran across the street, we had a brief conversation…well, he had a brief conversation, I couldn’t make out much of what he was saying. But, he wanted me to take his picture and if it gets famous I have to find him and pay him…sounded like a fair deal to me.

Saturday and Sunday I set out with the VILTROX 85mm f1.8 and no intention of shooting any street, it’s early on the weekend and too hot to stay out until the people get moving around. With that in mind I was just going out to get some shots to test out a new preset I’m working on. Let me know what you think in the comments.

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Fujifilm X-T30