Photography in the Fort - A Short Weekend with a New Fujifilm X-T3

What a terrible combination that is, new photo gear and a shortened weekend with little time to shoot due to working on the house. Well, after a decade of shooting Fujfilm X Series cameras I grabbed my third camera and had the Fujifilm X-T3 delivered on Friday. My X Series timeline now goes X100>X-T30>X-T3.
X-T30 to X-T3, I know, a small, incremental upgrade but a worthy upgrade nonetheless. Easier access dials, better EVF, weather sealing, better ergonomics, bigger eyecup…plus all the video upgrades, which means little to me right now. But, I felt with the current $500 off rebate that is currently going on for the Fujifilm X-T3 that is was well worth the added cost after selling my X-T30 and 18-55 lens.

At any rate, photography in the Fort on this shortened weekend started with a quick trip just outside the city on Friday right after the camera was delivered to get a couple “Hoosier” sunset images.

Made time Saturday morning to head out to the Eagle Marsh Nature Preserve for sunrise before getting to work on the house. Sunrise wasn’t much to speak of for colors in the sky, but the way the fog moved in and out in layers throughout the Marsh made up for the lack of color for me.

Sunday morning a little more normal morning for me as I went downtown for about an hour and a half to shoot around a little bit. I went to a spot I shot a hundred times for sunrise, luckily the sunrise put on a little show so that made up for shooting there again, plus I tried a couple different compositions from my limited options from here.

I’ll add my favorite shot from the weekend to the home page. Have a different favorite, let me know in the comments! And, as always, be sure to follow me on Instagram @dan_adams_snaps

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