Photography In The Fort - A Neowise Kind of Week.

Did you get a chance to see Comet NEOWISE? If not, it will be visible in the night sky starting about an hour after sunset if you look northwest, and can be seen until sunrise where it can be seen looking northeast. NEOWISE ends an almost quarter century draught without a real spectacular comet, not since Comet Hale-Bopp which appeared in 1997.

I went out about 2 hours before sunrise on Saturday morning to attempt to photograph NEOWISE, and only travelled about 15 minutes north of the city to get a decent view of it. It’s visible to the naked eye, but a long exposure image brings out more of the tail. Hopefully we can get some clear skies at night so I can get a photo of it with the dark night sky. With it being as close to sunrise, I wasn’t as worried about getting a lot of stars in the shot with it and opted for a longer exposure. Typically for night sky photography you’d want a wide open aperture and a shorter exposure time to gather as much light as possible without getting trails in the stars. I used the Fujinon XF16mmF1.4 WR.

Since I was up already Saturday morning to see the comet, I headed downtown to get some photography in downtown Fort Wayne. Only stayed out for about an hour shooting this weekend after photographing NEOWISE. 

I think the morning light at Headwaters Park is always nice, so I started out there this weekend then walked down past the Farmer’s Market on Barr St. on my way to the other Farmer’s Market at Parkview Field.

You’ll notice more and more black and white photographs in my work. I’ve been shooting sunrises for so long that I hadn’t been concentrating on my black and white imagery which is one of the reasons I fell in love with photography. Before getting the Fujifilm X-T30, I had the original X100 and it didn’t have an Acros black and white simulation so I’ve always used the old Google version of the Nik Collection, particularly Silver Efex Pro 2. Back in 2007 when I got my first Fujifilm camera I set up a preset that was based on the Acros film, with deeper contrast. Now, with the X-T30 it has the Acros simulation, so I’ve been working on getting the Acros +R filter to look like my preset with Silver Efex Pro 2. I think I’ve gotten it pretty close to the same right out of camera, so all of the black and white images are a mix of my processing and the custom Acros simulation straight out of camera.
I still prefer processing my own black and white photographs though, with Silver Efex Pro 2 the ability to control each color channel gives me more control over the final image, but I do like that I can achieve the look in camera in a lot of lighting situations.

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Fujifilm X-T30
Fujinon XF16mmF1.4 WR (NEOWISE Image)
Fujinon XF50mmF2 WR (Res of the images)