My Fujifilm X Series Journey - And a Case of GAS

Gear Acquisition Syndrome (GAS) month, except only kind of, as I’ve gotten rid of more lenses than I’ve bought in the past month. I don’t consider myself having this despite buying and selling quite a few lenses over the past month or more.

I began my Fujifilm X Series journey back in 2011 when I purchased a used Fujifilm FinePix X100, it was the first model in the Fujifilm X-series of cameras and has since been joined by numerous models. Big sensor in a small body was a pretty big deal going on 10 years ago, and while I think Sigma had something first, Fuji really made the first widely accepted one.

Boy was it a bit of a mess when it was released, plagued with bugs and weird quirks. But Fujifilm didn’t go the route that most manufacturers did about minor bugs and improvements to the system in general…they listened to their customer base and released a steady stream of firmware updates to continuously improve the overall use of the camera (big reason I stayed with Fujifilm). And while it still had its shortcomings; painfully slow AF, so soft when shot wide open close to a subject, it had its quality issues with the sticky aperture blade disease…which mine suffered from but was repaired free of cost by Fujifilm (another big reason I stayed with them). Despite all that, there was something special about that camera. Just in the general image it produced, to the joy of using it with its nearly silent leaf shutter, and innovative hybrid viewfinder. It was special to me because I learned everything I know about photography with that camera, it forced me to slow down and learn to use it. 
It allowed me to grow, learn, and advance my skills enough to get my first images published in magazines, and ads with this retro style, nearly pocketable camera. I never felt that the camera was holding me back as a photographer until the beginning of this year. 9 years I spent with that camera, mastering it to the best of my abilities, and I’m not saying that I couldn’t continue to grow as a photographer with it to this day. But 9 years of only shooting a fixed 23mm (35mm equiv.) did start to make me feel limited, which is also part of my GAS issues right now.

January of this year, I decided to finally upgrade my camera. I was ready to have something more capable, and something with options where focal length is concerned. I justify my GAS by telling myself (and my wife) that I shot a 23mm prime lens for 9 years and have no experience shooting any other focal length…so it’s going to take some buying and selling to find what new focal lengths I may need and want.
I purchased an X-T30 with the XF 18-55 “kit” lens, and an XF 35mm f/2 prime lens along with it. I quickly realized that that I wasn’t a fan of the zoom lens, perhaps I didn’t give it much of a chance, but I found my 35mm f/2 living on the camera. In the short time I did use the kit lens, which is a fantastic lens, I did find that I liked shooting on the longer end of it. So, my next pickup was the XF 50mm f/2, and then a Viltrox 85mm f/1.8. It was fun playing around with all these focal lengths but I was also finding out focal lengths I wasn’t crazy about in the process, including my 5th lens purchase in the first 6 months with the camera the legendary XF 16mm f/1.2. 

Fast forward to today, and in the past month or two, I have sold the X-T30 for an X-T3, for a variety of reasons; better ergonomics, weather resistance makes me feel better, the extra movement of the screens, the better viewfinder with my poor eyes, etc. And I’ve sold the 18-55, 50 f2, 85 f1.8, 16 f1.4, and will be listing the 35 f2 for sale soon, while at the same time picking up a Samyang 12mm f/2 and the XF 56mm f/1.2 during all this.

I’ve more or less settled into what i am looking for at this point. I love the Samyang 12mm f/2, it’s wide enough where I felt the XF 16mm f/1.4 wasn’t quite wide enough when I needed it. And I love the XF 56mm f/1.2 so i just want to fill in the gap between those right now with either the 23 or 35 f/1.4. I’m really liking the older fast aperture Fuji lenses despite their slower AF and noisier operation. I’m thinking of grabbing the XF 35mm f/1.4, and the 23mm f/2 so I have a WR lens to take out when conditions aren’t great.

FFS SHUT UP! On to some images from August, all of them were taken with the 12mm or the 56mm.

Photography in the Fort - Spending Time at Eagle Marsh

Well, I missed Photography in the Fort last week, I know you’re all disappointed *crickets*. I will add a couple images I liked from last week to the main page. 

THIS week though, I spent some time at the Eagle Marsh Nature Preserve at sunrise and at sunset. I’m having a hard time finding a place I like around Fort Wayne for sunsets. I’m liking the Marsh for sunrises right now because of the atmosphere at the Marsh in the morning is wonderful, with layers of fog blanketing the landscape, and finding any atmosphere around here is tough to come by. I’m also working on a little different editing style, so let me know what you think in the comments.

The first sets above were at sunset. Might try there once more for sunset, but I’m not a huge fan of it my first time. The next two times I went out were back to the Marsh, but for sunrise and the atmosphere I mentioned above. 

I, of course, still made time to get downtown to make some photography in Fort Wayne. I was up early Saturday morning and hadn’t been to shoot downtown in a while. Typically the show for sunrise happens where the sun is rising, but on this day facing south put on the best show as the rising sun lit up some clouds over the city. 

I’ll add my favorite shot from the weekend to the home page. Have a different favorite, let me know in the comments! And, as always, be sure to follow me on Instagram @dan_adams_snaps

Photography in the Fort - A Short Weekend with a New Fujifilm X-T3

What a terrible combination that is, new photo gear and a shortened weekend with little time to shoot due to working on the house. Well, after a decade of shooting Fujfilm X Series cameras I grabbed my third camera and had the Fujifilm X-T3 delivered on Friday. My X Series timeline now goes X100>X-T30>X-T3.
X-T30 to X-T3, I know, a small, incremental upgrade but a worthy upgrade nonetheless. Easier access dials, better EVF, weather sealing, better ergonomics, bigger eyecup…plus all the video upgrades, which means little to me right now. But, I felt with the current $500 off rebate that is currently going on for the Fujifilm X-T3 that is was well worth the added cost after selling my X-T30 and 18-55 lens.

At any rate, photography in the Fort on this shortened weekend started with a quick trip just outside the city on Friday right after the camera was delivered to get a couple “Hoosier” sunset images.

Made time Saturday morning to head out to the Eagle Marsh Nature Preserve for sunrise before getting to work on the house. Sunrise wasn’t much to speak of for colors in the sky, but the way the fog moved in and out in layers throughout the Marsh made up for the lack of color for me.

Sunday morning a little more normal morning for me as I went downtown for about an hour and a half to shoot around a little bit. I went to a spot I shot a hundred times for sunrise, luckily the sunrise put on a little show so that made up for shooting there again, plus I tried a couple different compositions from my limited options from here.

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